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Web directory and link directory are a directory of world wide web This category and subcategory data organized collection are the two most important and popular web directories that specializes in connecting and categorizing these other websites.
In simple words, the process of sending your own link to a web directory is called web directory submission, after submitting your website’s link to our web directory, a critic checks the legality of that link.
Define Directory submission Off Page is the activity of optimization. This is the work of PR page rank that is to increase ranking of the website’s google searches.
When your link is cleared it adds to directory submission, then search engines give more importance to your website.
Web pages are not indexed according to keywords like search engine in web directory, but web pages are listed according to category and subcategory.
To create backlinks on blogs, this is a very simple and free way of improving the search ranking of the site. With this help you can index your website in all search engine. What is the directory submission to let and why it is important for SEO Are.
The most important thing is SEO (search engine optimization). SEO helps our website’s pages in top positions in search engines, increasing the importance of your website in the search engine.
Directory submission also helps to show our website in all search engines. In order to increase the search rank of the site in simple words, a web directory is needed. These are the search engines easily aware of your website.
The directory submission is also free and the submission of the link is also available at the time of free submission of the link. It is necessary to submit 2-3 links in the free submission of the link in the directory submissions sites. Links to the website After one year, the directory submission Removed the sites from the sites. When submitting links in the paid, our link always gets added to Directory submission sites

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